About Us

The group was established in 2015 to promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of species-rich hay meadows, grasslands and unimproved pastures primarily in the Heritage Lottery Funded Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) area. The LPS also provided funding for a tractor and hay-making machinery (mower, two hay-bobs, small round baler, harrow and trailer, plus small tools such as scythes and hay rakes). This has allowed members to cut and bale their hay, even where access is limited, in order to manage and develop their site and promote greater plant diversity.

We have now completed three hay-making seasons. We have approximately 150 members, most of whom own between 1 and 5 acres of land. The enthusiasm and commitment of MMG members has led to the LPS identifying MMG as one of the Scheme’s legacy projects

The Annual Hay Festival held at The Bog, Stiperstones